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U PULL IT of Omaha purchases cars and trucks no matter the condition. As a recycler of cars and trucks in Nebraska, we will pay you a fair market price for any vehicle make and model - old clunkers, junked, damaged or broken - we'll buy it! Why spend hours trying to list your automobile on Craigslist or in the classifieds only to receive calls from jokes and not real buyers. U PULL IT Omaha is a master car buyer and we'll take care of everything you need to sell us your car or truck - from towing your vehicle for free when we pickup and pay you for the vehicle located in the greater Omaha area.So Who buys junk cars - We Buy Junk cars, give us a call today!

Scrap Metals

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We Buy Scrap MetalsU-PULL-IT a leading buyer of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  We are committed to paying you top dollar for all of your unwanted metals.

Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap is recovered from a wide range of obsolete consumer, commercial, and industrial sources – everything from soft-drink containers to automobile radiators to electronics and airplanes. The leftover materials from punched out aluminum and brass sheets generated in machine shops – all of these scrap materials are processed into specification grade commodities for manufacturing into new products

  • Ferrous metals are metals which are iron-based. The most common of these beingsteel, which can be found in cars, household appliances, construction beams and food cans.
  • Non-ferrous metals refer to scrap metal other than iron and steel, which include:aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, titanium, cobalt, chromium, and precious metals.

Acceptance of your materials is strictly the determination of the Yard Inspection Personnel.

We Purchase:

A/C Condenser Cores
Air Conditioners
Aluminum Awnings
Aluminum Cans
Aluminum Gutters
Aluminum Siding
Auto Engines/Auto Parts
Ballasts – No PCBs
Car/Truck/Golf Cart
Barrels – Steel
Bathtubs – Cast Iron
BBQ Grills
Beverage Cans
Blowers – leaf, other
Brass/Bronze – All Types
Cans – Aluminum, Steel
Cast Iron
Chain Saws – Drained
Conduit – Pipe
Copper – Pipe, Wire, Gutters
Demolition Scrap
Diesel Engines/Blocks
Drink Cans
Dryers/Washing Machines
Duct Work
Electric Meters
Electric Motors
Engines – Drained – Car, Mower
Exercise Equipment (Most)
Extension CordsFans
Fencing – No Concrete
Forklift Trucks
Freezers – Doors Off
Fuse Panels
Galvanized Metal, Pipe, Sheet
Gas Tanks – Empty
Hot Water heaters
I-Beams – Steel
Iron – Cast, other
Ladders – Aluminum, Steel
Lawn Mowers – No Tires, Gas/Oil out
Lawn Furniture
Light Fixtures – No Ballasts
Metal – Galvanized, Sheet, etc.
Motors & Blocks – Electric & Gas – with Gas/Oil out
Plumbing Fixtures
Pipe Copper, Galvanized Steel
Poles – Aluminum, Steel
Pots and Pans
Radiators – Auto, House
Roof Vents
Screen Doors/Windows
Siding – Aluminum
Sinks – SS, Cast Iron, Metal
Soda Cans
Stainless Steel – All Including Sinks
Steel Hangers
Steel Stampings
Stove Tops
Structural Steel
Tin Foil – CleanTractors – Farm, Lawn, Other
Transformers – Oil Free
Transmissions – Drained
Triplex – Wire
Trucks & Truck Parts
Washing Machines/Dryers
Water Heaters
Weed Whackers – No Gasoline
Wheel Rims – Steel, Aluminum
Wire – Copper, and Steel
White Goods – Appliances