U Pull It Omaha has two storeU Pull It Omaha Nebraska North:
U PUll It Omaha
1405 Grace Street Omaha, NE 68110
Phone: 402-342-0831 Map
U Pull It Omaha Nebraska South:
U PUll It Omaha
5600 S. 60th Street Omaha, NE 68117
Phone: 402-734-6029 Map
U PULL IT of Omaha purchases cars and trucks no matter the condition. As a recycler of cars and trucks in Nebraska, we will pay you a fair market price for any vehicle make and model - old clunkers, junked, damaged or broken - we'll buy it! Why spend hours trying to list your automobile on Craigslist or in the classifieds only to receive calls from jokes and not real buyers. U PULL IT Omaha is a master car buyer and we'll take care of everything you need to sell us your car or truck - from towing your vehicle for free when we pickup and pay you for the vehicle located in the greater Omaha area.So Who buys junk cars - We Buy Junk cars, give us a call today!

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U Pull It Inventory

U Pull It Inventory consist of over 1200 vehicles in stock every day, you can find any type of vehicle in the over 20 acres yard, from cars,trucks to vans, vehicles from late 80’s to the earlies 2010’s.
The vehicles are organized by domestic and foreign and them make and models, you can start by picking up a foreign manufacture, let’s say Toyota, then go to the side of the junkyard where foreign cars are and then look for Toyotas. It’s easy to get around and to find what you are looking for.

When you visit U Pull It come ask one of the cashiers for information on part inter-exchangeability and location of the vehicles in the yard.