U Pull It Omaha has two store

U Pull It Omaha Nebraska North:

U PUll It Omaha

1405 Grace Street

Phone: 402-342-0831

U Pull It Omaha Nebraska South:

U PUll It Omaha

5600 S. 60th Street

Phone: 402-734-6029

U PULL IT of Omaha purchases cars and trucks no matter the condition. As a recycler of cars and trucks in Nebraska, we will pay you a fair market price for any vehicle make and model – old clunkers, junked, damaged or broken – we’ll buy it!

Why spend hours trying to list your automobile on Craigslist or in the classifieds only to receive calls from jokes and not real buyers. U PULL IT Omaha is a master car buyer and we’ll take care of everything you need to sell us your car or truck – from towing your vehicle for free when we pickup and pay you for the vehicle located in the greater Omaha area.

So Who buys junk cars – We Buy Junk cars, give us a call today!

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Cash for Junk Cars!
Free Pick Up!

U-Pull-It offers the general public an opportunity to get paid to “clean up” their yards, driveways and garages by buying unwanted vehicles.

U-Pull-It welcomes all makes and models of vehicles, domestic and foreign, whether they are running or not!

We specialize in vehicles that are 7 or more years old and offer some of the highest prices paid for your vehicles. For added convenience, we can even arrange for free towing.

Rest assured that your old unwanted vehicle will be well taken care of and put to good use. Our environmentally-friendly process removes and recycles vehicle fluids and hazardous materials. The parts from your vehicle will be made available to our parts customers for re-use and the remaining scrap metal will be used to create new steel and other products. By recycling vehicles, we all help the environment by reducing the need to create new products from virgin materials which in turn saves energy, water and reduces mining and other production wastes.

People who sell junk cars call U Pull It Fort Lauderdale for the best prices in town.


Recycle your Junk Vehicle!
No Motor Homes – No Trailers – No Boats
Junk removal is handle with state regulated processes, information about buying selling car for parts can be view online but great service comes when you deal directly with the people who will pay you on the spot, giving you the best price for your vehicle. If you have a car you want to sell online, then fill up a form with a description of make model year of the car, if the car is complete with engine tires etc and submit it for an online quote. Make your you have the Title verified under your name and you advice your community we will be coming to your location for junk cars removal.

What is a car salvage yard?
U Pull It offers rows and rows of cars and trucks mounted on individual stands or spades, arranged in rows and columns, separated by the vehicle manufacturer. Bring your own tools to remove parts, drive train components or any other accessory you need to repair or upgrade your car.

Why do I have to pull my own parts?
When you remove the part yourself you do not have to use mechanics to remove the part, so we pass the savings to you. You provide the workforce, you get the savings. Our prices are well below the prices of the distributors

Will I find high quality auto parts? Does it provide an exchange of auto parts?
Absolutely! Most of the parts sold in our salvage yards are original (OEM), installed by the manufacturer. We offer an exchange of auto parts for our customers. If the car that matches the part you need is not in one of our salvage yards, use the auto parts exchange. Many parts fit more than one car. Visit the check-out counter to receive a car parts exchange sheet.

Does U Pull It offer a warranty if a part does not work? I’m not lucky?
If the used car part you buy from one of our shipyards does not work, you have approximately 30 days to return or change the part. You can also purchase and extend the warranty to give you a total of 90 days! (Purchasing a 30- or 90-day warranty may be necessary in some locations, see the pricing page of your local store for details.)

Why do you charge admission?
We charge a modest fee to cover the basic maintenance of the operation of a salvage yard.

Does U Pull It buy crashed cars or trucks?
Yes! We are always in the market to buy junk cars and trucks. The value of your car depends on the year, make, model and condition of your car at the time of sale. Even if your vehicle has stopped working, we will buy it.

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Finding stores with low prices on cars parts on any road in Fort Lauderdale is not possible, but there is only one places that will buy your vehicles and the recycle the parts for anyone to com pick parts, that places is LKQ U Pull It, contact us today for an over the phone quote.